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What's New in theGeoZone

We track and mention some of the revisions, updates, and additions to theGeoZone.com here for your convenience. Updating our website is an ongoing process, so we're just sharing some of our recent revisions to keep you informed.

WHAT'S NEW in theGeoZone:

October 2017

Google map keys appear to be corrected now, so the "Map View" in all of treasure indexes should be working. But we'll continue to monitor it and make any further corrections required.

Our focus this month is on bringing the Mineral Database back online.

September 2017

Wow - it's be a while since we posted an update for you!

So here it is: We originally published theGeoZone.com circa 2002, and been making updates to that server for the past decade. Fast-forward to 2017 - we have just completed moving our website to "the Cloud" using all new technology. You may notice from our home page that we're making some additional technology upgrades and will continue that process over the coming months. While theGeoZone.com may look entirely familiar to you, it has been a significant investment of time and effort to re-implement it and get positioned for the next decade. Everything except the Mineral Database and some of the Google Maps are now back online from the cloud, and we'll add those soon. We'll keep you updated here in the coming months.

Thanks for your interest in theGeoZone!

November 2013

Our extensive tale Maps are based on Google Maps technology. Google is retiring the Version 2 map API that we've used for the past few years on November 19, 2013, so we're re-implementing our maps in google.maps Version 3 -- which turns out to be a non-trivial development effort since we add many features including overlays for MS Terraserver topographic maps and DRGs.

We expect to have these new maps published for you prior to the deadline of Nov 19. Topographic maps and aerial photos ("DOQ"s) may be absent a little while longer.

October 2013

Wow! theGeoZone.com has now been live for over 10 years! We're technology professionals as well as geologists, so are naturally moving ahead in the 21st century to provide you modern mobile options.

We've now completed the first iPad app (iOS-7) from theGeoZone, and are actively testing it in a limited marketplace. Our Mineral Database -- a *perfect* tool for every college geology student, as well as professionals of all ilks, will shortly be available in the Apple App Store for $3.95.

And we have several follow-on apps in development, which we'll announce here in time.

Expect theGeoZone.com to dramatically change in 2014.

April 2013

Yes, we're well aware we haven't updated this page in a long while! Forgive us for the delay -- we've been extremely busy designing and developing theGeoZone's mobile (iPad, iPhone, and eventually, Android) versions of our website. Our initial foray into mobile will soon put our Mineral Database into the Apple App Store for use by geology students and professionals! We're very excited about this development and will keep you advised here.

June 2012

Arrrgh! We've finally exceeded our ability to sort through spam this month. TheGeoZone.com™ will celebrate its 10th anniversary in November (!), and even with our use of advanced spam filters and htaccess blocking the known spam bots, we're now receiving more junk mail than we can possibly cut through. Consequently, we've this month deleted all of our former email addresses and will publish *one* new one in late July. Please accept our profound apologies if we did not respond to your message or inquiry this year -- and thank the Chinese and Russian bottom-feeders who abuse the Internet. It has just become thoroughly impractical to suss out and respond to your genuine emails among the thousands of spams we receive monthly.

Please don't hesitate to send us your question or comment again in late July if we did not respond earlier!

May 2012

Wow! Apologies for the lapse in updating this page over recent months. Beyond our field work, we've been consumed with completely revamping our website, which is now over 1,000 pages, from it's initial technology deployed in November 2002 to the most modern (HTML5) to prepare for for the next decade. Among many things, we've also updated our mineral database as well. I'll put some more news here next month.

June 2011

Following some significant webserver software improvements last month, we've now 'refreshed' the look-and-feel of our entire website to reflect today's browser capabilities. Our site was initially designed in late 2002 to accomodate the 800x600 window size dominant among our visitors at that time. Conversely, all of our pages now support browser windows of any size, and center our content on a gradient background which automatically adjusts to the size of the window in which you're viewing it.

We're also making some final 'tweaks' to the presentation of data from our Mineral Database, and will publish these next month.

April 2011

Our Mineral Database is now published! This great reference contains mineral properties of interest to students and professionals alike. Apologies to our visitors for the downtime on April 6 and 7 — we were performing a wide range of necessary software upgrades on our servers in order to implement the Mineral Database. But visit this exciting new feature which is live on our website now!

March 2011
Our Mineral Database development is now complete and working flawlessly on our development servers! We think students, professionals, and avocational geologists alike will find unusual content in our proprietary compilation of mineral data, and particularly, Optics, for more than 145 minerals. We'll publish this entire database to theGeoZone website in April, a step which will first require some software upgrades on our servers, but bring you a valuable new Resource. Stay tuned!

December 2010
Happy Holidays to all of our visitors! Although we've been working in "stealth mode" on some new developments the last few months, we continue to develop new features for theGeoZone.com. After being snowed-in in NYC this month, work on theGeoZone will resume in earnest in January.

August 2010
We've processed over 30 images loaned to us by noted mineral photographer Jeff Scovil to build a Mineral Photo Gallery with extraordinary examples of Gold, Sylvanite, and Calaverite so that you can see many varieties of the minerals mentioned throughout the tales in theGeoZone!

We'd like to extend out gratitude to Jeff, and invite you to visit this new feature in theGeoZone.

July 2010
Busy month! We completed our second recon into the Colorado Rockies early this month, and have just published a number of new photos in our Colorado tales. They can be found throughout the following tales:

We also completely revamped the Advertising Opportunities in theGeoZone this month. We invite our visitors who are suppliers of related products to leverage our unique forum! Please visit our new Advertising Opportunities and Advertising Inquiry pages!

Performance: Another improvement we undertook this month was to increase the number of webserver instances we're running due to the ever-increasing number of visitors we see during peak times (Tues - Thurs, noon to 6:00PM). This should make our website responsiveness much "snappier" for you at all times.

June 2010
We've taken a few hundred new photos for theGeoZone's Colorado Tales during our recent photo recon, and are adding a select group to four Colorado tales. They should be processed and published in early July. We'll publish a list of the new photos next month.

We also continue to work on our extensive mineral database — this has proved to be a major endeavor and we're looking forward to finishing the newly-designed web pages and publishing the first 125 minerals as quickly as possible.

May 2010
We've exploited our JSON database to add visual maps to each of the tales indexes. Check them out! For example, the Colorado index (and all of the other state indexes) now have an optional visualization map to see the locale of each tale in theGeoZone!

April 2010
We've now concluded the evaluation of possibly converting our website to (warning: technobabble here ;-) Microsoft's .net2/.aspx and decided not to do this. So we'll continue using .jsp and JavaScript for our site. Look for some exciting new additions starting in May!

March 2010
We've finally concluded years of research into the potential location of the cache of the Lost La Ventana Mine, and have published our thoughts on a new page which can be found here. This was an exciting conclusion for us, and we hope you enjoy the mystery explored therein. We'll be refining the map on this page to further reduce the locale in the coming months!

February 2010
We had, candidly, mixed reactions to the 2010 Tucson Show, which we shared in detail with the Chair of the event. But the ribs at Lil Abners were as great as always! We're presently looking forward to the Denver Spring show April 23–25, 2010.

We also published new photos from a recent field trip to the Clipper Mountains and the Turtle Mountains of California in our California lost mine tales:
The Lost Arch Mine
The Lost Schofield Mine

January 2010
All of the interactive maps bracketing the locations of our Lost Treasure Tales are now published, and we've already noticed from our web traffic statistics that these are a big hit! Following the conclusion of this project, we've shifted our focus back to our Mineral Database and photo gallery from Jeff Scovil. Look for updates as progress continues!

December 2009
The interactive maps for all 6 states, and all 86 tales, are now published! Check out our research and current thoughts as to where these fabled lost mines are located!

November 2009
We've completed the first phase of publishing interactive maps to complement the Prospecting Potential section of each tale in theGeoZone! The state of California is now complete, and we'll be adding more map coverage for CO, NM, AZ, NV, and UT in the coming weeks. Each Treasure Tale for the state of California now brings you interactive maps, topos, and other imagery bracketing the locale of the respective lost mine. Click on Page 3 in any tale to see the locale of the mine; or one example may be seen here.

We've even used these already ourselves for planning a field trip during the Thanksgiving break to obtain photos of the Clipper Mountains and Turtle Mountains. Look for these photos of the locales of the Lost Schofield Mine and Lost Arch Mine next month!

Note that map functionality has been checked with IE 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. They've not been checked with outdated browsers including IE 6.0 yet, so if you get something that looks odd, it will self-correct in the coming weeks.

October 2009
After years of research, coupled with the advent of new technology notably including Google Maps and Microsoft TerraServer, we've begun to produce interactive maps that provide a wide range of imagery for the region surrounding each Lost Treasure Tale. We'll begin to publish them in November!

September 2009
The Denver Gem and Mineral Show provided a fascinating break from the development of new material for theGeoZone. We're well into a new project which we'll describe next month.

July 2009
We took a field trip to the Never Summer Range and the site of the former Lulu City mining district this month. There are now a number of new photos of this mining area published in the tale of The Lost Gold of Soda Creek. Check them out!

May 2009
We've added extensive assay procedures for gold to our assay lab, as well as gold-bearing ores including Sylvanite and Calaverite to our mineral database. We continue to work on the photo gallery and will publish this soon.

April 2009
We've taken a brief detour from porting our site to .aspx in order to incorporate some remarkable photographs of gold nuggets, Sylvanite, Calaverite, and native silver from leading mineral photographer Jeff Scovil into our tales. We'll also publish a photo gallery of Jeff's related work shortly and want to acknowledge his kind support of our work. Visit back here in a few weeks for our May update.

March 2009
theGeoZone's new home page format provides you the ideal forum for your company's highly-targeted advertising to sportsmen (and women!), outdoor enthusiasts, and treasure hunters. If we haven't contacted you, then contact us by email at advertising@theGeoZone.com to place your advertising in this prime space!

February 2009
We've revamped theGeoZone's home page in Adobe Flash and hope you like the updated look!

Important Note: We are actively porting our thousand-page website from .jsp (Java Server Page) technology to Microsoft .asp/.net2 (Active Server Pages) over the next few months in order to implement several significant new features including our forthcoming Mineral Database. We'll do everything possible to automatically redirect your stored 'favorites' and other hyperlinks to the new pages, but if you encounter an "http:404 Page Not Found" then simply substitute the .aspx suffix for the .jsp suffix in your link. We'll publish more information on this as the changeover approaches...

January 2009
Our 2009 Shows and Conventions directory has been updated to reflect some dates announced since it was first published. We continue to work on the initial release of our Mineral Database and hope to bring this valuable reference to you soon.

December 2008
For those of you who are interested in field prospecting, we've added an Online Store bringing you metal detectors and accessories, safety and survival products, prospecting tools, and much more of the products we at theGeoZone use in the field. Check it out here and click the links on the top-right to browse these products by Category.

November 2008
We're continuing to publish the data from our extensive Mineral Database, and will bring you this unique reference sub-site in early 2009! An example page is available here. The design is complete, the mineral data is compiled, and building the pages is the last remaining task.

September 2008
We've begun compiling Links to related Lost Treasure and Geology websites. This page will continue to grow over the next months as we add new sites!

The 2008 Denver Gem & Mineral Show was great! -- if you weren't there, consider traveling to the DGMS Show next year!

August 2008
We're updating our 2009 Mineral Shows page as those dates are now being published.

July 2008
Nine new tales have been added to the state of Colorado - check these out!

    1. George A. Jackson's Lost Mine
    2. The Lost Baker Brothers' Lode
    3. The Lost Carson Mine
    4. The Lost Gold of Soda Creek
    5. The Lost Golden Ledge of the Gore Range
    6. The Lost Mine of the Sierra Madres
    7. The Lost Mine on Bear Creek
    8. The Lost Mine on Slate Mountain
    9. The Lost Tenderfoot Mine

May 2008
A comprehensive site search for our lost treasure tales and state general histories has been implemented. You can now search for specific terms or phrases such as "native gold", "Lost Sheepherder Lode", "Coronado", or anything else you like. We hope this improves the usability of our site by helping you to find particular subjects of interest!

March 2008
An extensive review of our logs was undertaken and all of the known broken links were corrected. We'll continue this process on an ongoing basis.

February 2008
We've published dozens of pages from our mineral assay lab this month. You can find the link to the assay index on our Resources page here.

January 2008
The 2008 Shows & Convention Dates resource has now been published. See when the next show or convention is in your area.

We've partnered with Google and hope that these new context-sensitive links on all of our tales pages bring you some links which richen your browsing experience for Lost Gold Mines and related topics!

November 2007
The full Reference List for our research into lost treasures of the American Southwest is now available here.

The first topographic map page has been added to the site and we are compiling similar pages for each of the lost treasure tales. Check out the first of these pages here.

October 2007
Become a Sponsor of theGeoZone! Our updated Sponsor program may be found here.

Our Suppliers list has been updated to include a wide range of additional companies. Check out our favorite brands, manufacturers and suppliers here.

November 4, 2006
The 2007 Shows & Convention Dates resource has now been published. See when the next show or convention is in your area, including this major European show:

October 31, 2006
Further Reading bookcover thumbnail images and direct links to amazon.com for California have been published. This completes the addition of over TWO HUNDRED of our favorite reading materials to the site for you to enjoy as well!

October 16, 2006
Further Reading bookcover thumbnail images and direct links to amazon.com for Arizona and New Mexico have been published. Check out an example.

October 7, 2006
Further Reading bookcover thumbnail images and direct links to amazon.com for Colorado, Nevada, and Utah have been published. Check out an example.

April - August, 2006
Endless experiments by our talented webmaster, trial-and-error, .css and html template re-coding, and site updates to get exactly the same "look-and-feel" for theGeoZone.com for both our Firefox users and MS Internet Explorer users. An entire sitewide update now has delivered this objective going forward!

March 3, 2006
The 2006 Shows & Convention Dates resource has been updated with several more shows. See when the next show or convention is in your area.

January 22, 2006
Twenty California Lost Treasure Tales are now available! Click here to view our index for California's lost Gold mines.


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