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The State of Utah

The state of Utah is the second largest producer of gold in the United States, following only the state of Nevada. This is directly attributable to the fact that the mineral-rich North American Great Basin province incorporates the western third of the state of Utah, and brings equal mineral riches to this part of Utah as are realized throughout northern Nevada.

The incredibly rich Great Basin metalogenic province contains the majority of mineral deposits found in Utah and also bears the greatest potential for remaining undiscovered gold deposits in the state according to the estimation of both the United States Geological Survey and the Utah Geological Survey.

But although Utah's modern gold-producing mines are typically found in the western third of the state, historical 'lost' mines and yet-to-be-discovered finds elsewhere in the state nevertheless remain widely open to the chance of casual - or systematic - discovery.

The tale told below is not in any way the only Lost Gold Mine in Utah — it is simply the only one we've definitively researched to date!

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State Map

Our extensive research into the lost treasures of the American southwest has to date surfaced two well-documented Lost Treasure Tales from the state of Utah. The first one is presented below. To see these on a map of Utah, click the "Show Map View" button at right. To see more detailed maps, visit the tale from the map or index below, and click on the "Page 3" maps link.