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The Lost Adams Diggings


If you enjoyed reading the tale of The Lost Adams Diggings, we invite you to learn more about the subject from the following books -- check each of theGeoZone's tales of lost treasure since we bring you Further Reading covering many topics related to lost treasures and their geologic settings at the close of each tale.

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Arizona Atlas and Gazetteer, 5th Edition

Delorme [editor]


Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver

J. Frank Dobie

Four Days From Fort Wingate: The Lost Adams Diggings

Richard French


Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona

Maureen G. Johnson

Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the Southwest

Eugene L. Conrotto


Legends and Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West

Dale L. Walker

Legends and Tales of the American West

Richard Erdoes


Roadside Geology of New Mexico

Halka Chronic

Arizona's Mogollon Rim

Don Dedera


Roadside Geology of Arizona

Halka Chronic