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The Lost Stewart Placer


If you enjoyed reading the tale of The Lost Stewart Placer, we invite you to learn more about the subject from the following books -- check each of theGeoZone's tales of lost treasure since we bring you Further Reading covering many topics related to lost treasures and their geologic settings at the close of each tale.

Our exhaustive Reference List may be found here, but more simply ...
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San Juan Gold

Duane A. Smith


Roadside Geology of Colorado

Halka Chronic

Lost Desert Bonanzas

Eugene L. Conrotto


Colorado Mining Stories

Caroline Arlen

Golden Treasures of the San Juan

J.B. Marshall and T.H. Cornelius


Song of the Hammer and Drill: The Colorado San Juan, 1860-1914

Duane A. Smith

Lost Sheepherder's Gold

Temple H. Cornelius


Gold Panning and Placering in Colorado - How and Where

Ben H. Parker

Roadside Geology of Colorado

Halka Chronic


A Guide to Treasure in Colorado

H. Glenn Carson