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The State of Arizona

Arizona is one of the present US states which lies along the fabled Spanish Trail. Driven by the discovery of vast deposits of silver in northern Mexico during the 1500's, Spanish explorers traveled an ancient route, pressing well northward from Mexico in search of gold, silver, and other precious minerals. Their travels brought them into present-day Arizona and well beyond, where countless deposits of rich ores, native gold, and silver were discovered.

One of the more striking features of a geologic map of Arizona can be observed in the the chaotic, northwest-trending belt of metallic mineralization

which traverses the entire state. The southeastern part of this belt is dominated by metallic deposits typified by gold and silver, while the western terminus is dominated principally by gold deposits generally attributed to volcanic activity.

It is little wonder that tales of gold and silver lodes discovered and lost define this mineral-rich state.

 A General History of Arizona

Click here for a thorough introduction in to the general history of Arizona. In the coming months, we will also bring you historical and geographical information on the routes of the Spanish Trail, so visit us often.


State Map

Our extensive research into the lost treasures of the US southwest has surfaced eighteen well-documented Lost Treasure Tales from the state of Arizona. They are presented below. To see these on a map of Arizona, click the "Show Map View" button at right. To see more detailed maps, visit each tale from the index below, and click on the "Page 3" maps link.