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Advertising in theGeoZone

Fast-forward to 2017! We're updating our advertising information throughout November 2017. Stay tuned!

theGeoZone.com brings advertisers a unique internet forum with a highly targeted and receptive audience in which to present a wide range of consumer, outdoor, recreational, travel, treasure hunting, metal detecting, and specialized products and supplies. Our visitors include outdoor enthusiasts, prospectors, adventurers, geology and mineralogy professionals, international vacationers, and a wide range of individuals and businesses who buy and use recreational products and services of every description, travel, geology, Mineral Collecting, lapidary, and countless related items!

Pardon us while we completely revamp our advestising program and rates in 2017!

Visit this page again to target your advertising for:

  • state visitor bureaus
  • travel
  • College programs in Geology
  • metal detectors
  • Geology tools
  • firearms
  • knives
  • camping gear
  • fishing gear
  • 4wd pickups and other vehicles
  • ATVs
  • and many other headings we will cusom-create for you


All Ad Units in theGeoZone are Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) internet standard size and format as noted below. See example advertising units in the sidebar at left. And Contact Us with your advertising questions.

Banner Ads (Horizontal)

Banner ads are available in standard Full Banner and Half Banner sizes. These may be positioned to appear at the bottom of any one or more page(s) on our website (tip: bottom banners are consistently the most clicked position). Banner quantity is only limited by space availability (unsubscribed positions), and is offered on a first-come / first-serve basis. Subsequent year renewals will retain preferred positioning. Contact Us for significant quantity discounts.

Half Banner — 234 x 60 pixels

Banner Ad Unit Size:

  • Full Banner: 468 x 60 pixels (28,080 total pixels)
  • Half Banner: 234 x 60 pixels (14,040 total pixels)

Content: Your image, text, or approved Flash or other rich media
Max File Size: 40kb Full Banner; 30kb Half Banner
Formats accepted: gif, jpeg, png, swf
Animation: Limited to 15 seconds for gif or swf, endless loop OK
Position: Bottom of any page, placement priority on a first-come, first-placed sequence.
Pricing: TBA

Vertical Banner
Size: 120 x 240 (28,080 total pixels)
Max File Size: 30kb
Formats accepted: gif, jpeg, png, swf
Animation: Limited to 15 seconds, endless loop OK
Position: Left column on secondary pages; n/a on home page
Pricing: TBA

Tower Board
Size: 120 x 600 (72,000 total pixels)
Max File Size: 40kb
Formats accepted: gif, jpeg, png, swf
Animation: Limited to 15 seconds, endless loop OK
Position: Left column on secondary pages which accomodate this size; n/a on home page
Pricing: TBA

Square Button
Size: 125 x 125 (15,625 total pixels)
Max File Size: 30kb
Formats accepted: gif, jpeg, png (no swf)
.gif Animation: Limited to 15 seconds, endless loop OK
Position: Left column
Pricing: TBA


You may employ your existing banners reflecting your corporate palette, or choose to use our complementary colors, which are:

  • Dark Blue: #215A94
  • Medium Blue: #0099CC
  • Light Blue: #EAEFF4

All ads are served by theGeoZone.com. We will decline ads which emloy 'fluorescent' colors, blinking, popovers, popunders, and similar practices, as well as ads which otherwise violate our Advertising Policy.


Visitors to theGeoZone.com originate from all US states, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and many other Western European nations.

Age Range:18 - 49, predominantly male
Interests: Geology, Mineralogy, Mineral Collecting, Outdoors, Travel
Average Income:$60K+ per year
Education:51% are College graduates or post-graduates

Links to our site: geology.com, geology.about.com, arizonageology.blogspot.com, and many Treasure Hunting and other websites and blogs. Our site has been on the web since 2003 and we place high on the first page of search results for all major search engines for a wide range of search terms.

Our web traffic for the first half of calendar year 2010 averaged in excess of:

  Monthly Annually
Visitors 4,300 51,600
Pages Viewed 17,000 204,000
Hits (including Ad impressions) 150,000 1.8 million

Your ads will appear on all of our pages in rotational order to maximize your ad impressions.


Payment by PayPal is the simplest method to get your brand and message published on theGeoZone NOW! All orders will be reviewed for compliance with our Advertising Policy below.


Geology Park, L.L.C., DBA theGeoZone.com, only accepts advertising which in our sole judgement is relative to the content of this website, and further reserves the right in its sole discretion to decline advertising applications for any reason or no reason. We further reserve the right to decline ad images from otherwise approved advertisers which are inconsistent with the visual standards of this website. All ads are served by theGeoZone.com, and we will will routinely verify all hyperlinks from advertising applications to ensure compliance with the following policy:

We will not at any time accept the placement of any advertising which is illegal or objectionable, or contains fraudulent, deceptive, or offensive material, including material that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap, or promotes any form of pornography. We will have sole and absolute discretion with respect to interpretation and enforcement of this policy and all other issues associated with advertising on theGeoZone.com.