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Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the Southwest
Eugene L. Conrotto

A Guide to Treasure in Colorado
H. Glenn Carson

San Juan Gold
Duane A. Smith


Source References for theGeoZone

This and the following pages enumerate the books, periodicals, maps, publications, and other reference materials that we explored in our research of the literature during the two-decade period of compiling theGeoZone's Lost Treasure Tales and their Mining Histories, Geological Assessments, and Prospecting Potential.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the literally countless years invested by these authors, researchers, and scientists; and, further, thank them for the efforts which allowed us to learn from and leverage their work, augment and extend their work with our own field exploration, -- and bring you theGeoZone's Lost Treasure Tales as a result.

Many of the works listed below are either out of print or represent specialized technical literature not generally available. Consequently, only portions of this compilation are present in the over-200 titles provided in the Further Reading pages of theGeoZone. You may nevertheless be able to obtain certain items of interest from Amazon.com, university libraries, or other sources as we did.


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