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Welcome to theGeoZone's free resources. The pages linked below provide information of interest to both the armchair and field prospector, geology students and professionals, and are complemented with our research materials and other relevant topics pertaining to theGeoZone.com.

TheGeoZone Mineral Database reference for students and professionals alike is now online here, and soon available for iPad in the Apple App Store.

Our Assay Reference — a survey of assay equipment, reagents, and procedures for both students and professionals alike, compiled by our Master Geologists.

A unique gallery of professional photos of Gold specimens and gold ores courtesy of renowned mineral photographer Jeff Scovil.

Our Lost Treasure Reference List — an exhaustive list of the literature compiled and used during the research and development of theGeoZone's Treasure Tales.



Updates in progress!


The Mineralogical Record

The principal product of the Mineralogical Record Inc. is The Mineralogical Record magazine, issued six times a year. This is the most authoritative and widely respected mineral collector's journal in the world; no serious advanced collector would be without it. Over the years many newcomers to the field have learned from it the extensive information they need to go from novice to expert—and to have fun in the process. Readers learn about important mineral localities old and new, about the fascinating history of mining and mineralogy, and about new mineral species being described. They see reviews of public and private collections, market reports from contemporary mineral shows, columns on special topics, and oversized special issues devoted to entire mineral-rich states and countries. To visit the 'Min Record' website click either of the links in this paragraph; to order the magazine, click the image to the left. (opens in a new window)

Scovil Photography Home Page

Scovil Photography

Jeff Scovil is without doubt the most prolific professional photographer of mineral specimens for industry publications, museums, private collectors, and others requiring the highest quality photographs of individual specimens or entire collections. His book Photographing Minerals, Fossils, & Lapidary Materials is the benchmark work on the subject.

visit geology.com


Geology.com is an exceptionally broad resource for everything related to geology, Earth sciences, planetary sciences, and more. Their state map collection is is a great resource.

Geology.com is published by Dr. Hobart King, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geology at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. (opens in a new window)


the blog of the Arizona State Geologist

There's a wealth of information on Arizona geology here at Lee Allison's blog. (opens in a new window)

[left -- The Lost Dutchman State Park. AZ State Parks Dept.]




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