atomic number
melting point

1. Expose a small mineral fragment (using a forceps) or a bit of powdered mineral (using a platinum wire loop that has been moistened with HCl) to a hot flame using a lamp, candle, or Bunsen gas burner; strontium-bearing compounds will impart a beautiful crimson-red color to the flame.

2. Heat a small mineral fragment (or a bit of powdered mineral) with a hot flame using a lamp, candle, or Bunsen gas burner, after intense ignition dab a small amount of mineral sample on a strip of moistened turmeric paper; many strontium-bearing minerals will test alkaline on the paper.

3. Dissolve some powdered mineral sample in a test tube (or small beaker) containing hydrochloric acid, then dilute the solution with several drops of distilled water followed by a few drops of dilute H2SO4; a white precipitate of SrSO4 will form at the bottom of the vessel; (the presence of SrSO4 is confirmed if further dilution and boiling fails to dissolve the precipitate).